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"Catherine helped me identify and work through aspects of my life that had overwhelmed me in a time of great stress! Having her with me gave me the confidence to tackle tasks and chores I felt I couldn't even think about without stressing out. 10/10!"

Naomi S.

I have known Catherine for a few years now and when life and my ADHD were getting hard to handle, she was an easy person to turn to. I have struggled with ADHD since childhood, and knew I did tasks better when I had company but had never heard of body doubling before. When Catherine offered to do this for me, I wasn’t sure what it would look like but so grateful for the help. I needed to get my home in order and didn’t know where to start. The first visit we talked about what needed to be done and I identified chores I was overwhelmed with, like cleaning my kitchen. So, Catherine worked on that project while I tackled other chores around the house. Starting there was a huge help, getting one big task done led to others. The more days we worked together the easier it was to get things done on my own, and keep things organized in between sessions. Having someone not just help me with tasks but keep me company while staying focused has been a huge help. The vitality work Catherine offers has given me the ability to refocus and help make my house much more manageable. I am extremely grateful for her help! 

Stevie A.