About Cate

I am a firm believer in honoring a person in their entire context. As such, you get to meet me uncurated, as a whole being. So, hi! My name is Catherine, but you can call me Cate. I am a mixed media painter, green witch, and cat mom living in the beautiful PNW. I spend my time making stuff and doing things.

I am passionate about helping people feel good. It’s in my nature to make sure that the people I am with are comfortable, having a good time, and feel better when they leave than they did when they arrived.

I am also passionate about creative expression. I have always enjoyed exploring the creative process through various means. As an artist, this means I’ve spent more time learning how to do things that are fun, and have spent less time on developing a cohesive style. As a person, this means I am constantly applying creative problem solving to whatever situation I am presented with. 

I strongly believe that all time spent with the creative process is healing, helpful, and necessary. It is this belief that drives me to develop skills in several disciplines. It is my hope to provide you with the overwhelming sense of peace and harmony that arrives with the unique sensation of having created something. 

Above all, what could be more beautiful than creating a happy life? Let’s get better, together.