About Cate Greer


Cate is a mixed media painter and green witch based in the PNW. She spends her time making stuff and doing things.

An avid crafter from the tender age of five, Cate has always enjoyed exploring the creative process through various means. This has included forays into jewelry-making, fiber arts, sculpture, ceramics, traditional drawing, acrylic painting, and more. The most current and consuming of her loves would be acrylic painting and bullet journaling.

Cate is currently in her senior year at Western Oregon University, where she is pursuing a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology with a minor in Art & Design.


Regardless of the method, Cate firmly believes that all time spent with the creative process is healing, helpful, and necessary. It is this belief that drives Cate to develop skills in several artistic disciplines, and it is her hope to provide future clients with the overwhelming sense of peace and harmony that arrive with the unique sensation of having created something. 

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