An Engaging Title

Hello, world. I've finally made this leap into becoming what I consider "Officially Professional" - I have a website! And it's purple! I usually agonize over decisions to the point of eventually never making the decision at all. I'm really, really good at procrastinating, and also what-ifing things to death. This unique propensity for popping my own balloons has prevented plenty of projects from ever leaving the idea phase. As a side note, I'm terrified of the sound of balloons popping. 2017 was a dumpster fire for a lot of people. I had a particularly rollercoaster-y time, and it made me resolve to move through 2018 with a different set of mind. I've decided to focus on the little moments, and give less weight to the big events. Being present, dependable, reliable, here. It's that mindset that has led me to building this website. I did a bit of research, but I didn't agonize. It matters more that I have this space at all. I did not allow myself to procrastinate, or what-if the idea into the ground. I still have plenty of those questions and worries, but I've discovered that worrying about things isn't a measure you can take to stop the bad shit from happening, and worrying about things doesn't usually help the good shit happen either.

So for better or worse, and with plenty of profanity, I'll be occupying this corner of the internet with my doodles and thoughts. Nice to meet you! xo, Cate

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