I think the most consuming of my self-doubts is this: Why should anyone want to read my words, see my art, and support me?

I recognize that there really are a lot of artist blogs and established or aspiring artists. Tons! There's hundreds and thousands and hundreds of thousands of people alive and kickin' on this planet that do what I do. My ideas are not unique, my skills are not a rare commodity, my words are not brand new. Why, then, would I warrant notice and support?

Simply put, there is no one on this planet who is exactly me. :) 

The sum total of my life experiences, my education, my interpersonal connections, my intrapersonal thought processes, my passions and interests and dislikes and habits. All this shit has built one unique me. 

My art pieces are droplets in the ocean of art. It is my approach to the creative process and the lens through which I interpret and communicate with the world that sets me apart. What makes me worth noticing is myself. 

That is, perhaps, the most terrifying and freeing epiphany. It has taken so much work to reach this place where I not only love myself, but am also able to celebrate who I am. I reach this goal, one I thought impossible a decade ago, and what do I do? I do the quintessential pretentious art thing and inform the public they should love me too?

Yep. I do. It is not important to be unique. It does not matter if my idea has been had or even explored. What matters is me. 

What matters to me is that I build a life I love. This includes fostering connections with other people who are building their lives. Everyone else is a unique self and has something powerfully important to impart. The best way for me to gather those precious lessons is to make myself available to those unique selves. 

So I'm just kind of freeballing it over here, working on myself, focusing on authenticity and experience. The notice and support will come organically. And in this space, I fervently hope I continue to build that community with every unique you.



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