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I met my husband nearly 6 years ago. My friend Hannah was trying to get cozy with him, but she needed a ride. I was couch-surfing at the time, which mostly meant I was staying with Hannah. I was happy to oblige, as long as I was fed and given a Wifi password. (I mean, really. Give me internet and calories, I'll be good to go.)

For about a month, I took Hannah over to do her thing while I sat on the couch and watched movies on my laptop. Occasionally, Aaron and the other roommates would come out to chat. Aaron mentioned that they were looking to fill a room, and quoted a very affordable rate. I asked about it, but he thought I was kidding. It took another visit to convince him I was very serious.

I moved all my stuff in and got entirely unpacked while Aaron was out of the house one day. He came back home to me and the other roommates hanging out in my room, eating quesadillas. After everyone else went to bed, he and I started talking.

We wound up staying awake until the wee hours of the morning getting to know each other. We repeated this the next night, and the night after that. I fell for him, hard and fast. Only a month or so went by before we were dating. :)

We lived in that house with our two other roommates for several months, even adding a fifth person for a brief period. We eventually found a one bedroom apartment in our price range and moved out on our own in February 2014.

We have lived in this apartment for the last 4.5 years. We have slowly built our life together in this space. We have two cats and two rats, and up until recently we had a rather abundant container garden on our balcony. We got engaged, and later married. (In fact, the pre-proposal happened at home - and to be honest, if I thought I could fit 50 people in the apartment, I probably would have attempted a wedding at home too!)

These walls have contained many sleepless nights spent working on various goals, such as opening my art business, and graduating with my Associates. These floors have seen a lot of cat barf and spilled beer and, inexplicably, a lot of onions. (I'm finding onion skin in the weirdest corners...) The furniture has been arranged and rearranged and rerearranged to accommodate us. In the midst of those changes, we wound up getting rid of the dining room table (which I hated anyway) and using the dining area as an office for Aaron. My desk has slowly wandered the entire apartment. My art supplies have multiplied and staked their claim to the closet floor. We are entirely overrun by books. After 4.5 years, we have used this space as much as possible. It has sustained us through many milestones, and we are sad to leave home behind. However, as this blog title states, we are headed into a New Chapter.

We found a new home for ourselves that is absolutely an upgrade. Two bedrooms and two bathrooms - I'm thrilled just to be able to poop in peace while Aaron showers! The two bedrooms means many things - the second room will be a designated office and art studio, and we will have a true dining room again. The complex is quiet and clean and it has a pool, which we're very excited about. It's situated close to Aaron's work, and closer to the colleges I have been eyeballing for my Bachelor's. Everything about this apartment is a new start for us.

With that said, I can't help but feel overwhelmed by the newness. Our little one bedroom has been our cozy haven. Having two rooms will mean a division of space that we haven't had since we got together. It's hard not to feel as though by upgrading, we are also separating the tiniest bit. Which is obviously very melodramatic, but my soul has a flair for that!

I've been soothing my worries and fits of nostalgia with plenty of ice cream and beer the last week, but this is crunch week - we move on the 15th. I'm finally feeling ready to say goodbye to this home. A large part of this is realizing that my current "art space" is no longer sustainable. I can't wait to be able to set up my studio space and begin to streamline my own processes. We're also getting a much bigger kitchen, and we're moving right at the start of baking season. My heart is glowing at the thought of all the goodies I'll be able to make and store in our new home.

And lastly... My grandparents gifted us with their old dining set. It's real wood and it's seated my family for decades. It was too large to fit in their home when they moved from California to Oregon, so they set it aside and told Aaron and I that it was ours whenever we wanted it. BOY, do I want it! Among all the new changes, there's going to be this table that comes with plenty of its own memories - and I'm finally stoked to start adding new ones.

For the TL;DR sort - we're moving, I'm a nostalgic wreck, and I'm ridiculously excited about a dining room table. Wish us luck!

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