Wheel of the Year 2021

My tarot is a sassy, straight-shooting deck. Once, I asked my tarot for guidance on how to balance the many spinning plates I'd found myself responsible for. It sent me the reverse X Wands - "stop and examine your lifestyle; you've taken too much on by yourself" - which I then harrumphed at, reshuffled, and asked my tarot for clarification. It gave me the reverse X Wands. Irritated, I tossed my whole deck on the floor and asked Belly to pick my card. The one she stepped on? X Wands. I packed up my tarot for a month, cleared it with crystals and charged it under the full moon, and apologized for my behavior. I asked my tarot for guidance, and I drew the X Wands a fourth time. I've never been so mad and defeated in my whole life. However, my tarot was making a very direct point. I had too many responsibilities, and needed to re-evaluate my lifestyle. It took me months to see the lesson - that when I asked, "How do I do this?" and my tarot answered, "You don't." wasn't a judgment of my capabilities, but a straightforward reminder that um, hey, you've got too much going on. I don't use my tarot very frequently, but when I do, I like to use my tarot for general guidance. So pulling cards for a year's outlook is appealing to me. After doing a Wheel for 2020, I really enjoyed seeing how lessons came to fruition, or how cards made more sense within context as the year unfolded. So I've done a pull for this year, too. I also pulled cards from my Earth Magic oracle deck, which is considerably nicer to me than my tarot deck. And lastly, I pulled a 13th card from each as an overall message for the coming year, to be taken in conjunction with each month's cards.

My tarot card for the year was V Pentacles; while this card specifically mentions short-term financial hardship (which is true), it also advises to focus on what I can be grateful for and cautions that coming from a "lack mindset" will cause me to manifest what it is I am afraid of. The V Pentacles recommends being proactive in asking for help, practicing gratitude for whatever positives I may have in your life, to swallow my pride, and to let go of my fear of rejection. While this is a minor arcana card, in the context of it being a message for my whole year, I find it to be pretty powerful. My oracle card was Milky Way - Perspective. This card tells me that I always have a choice between seeing and accepting the bigger picture, or allowing myself to be overwhelmed by a sense of smallness. It also reminds me that I am made of the same material as the stars in the Milky Way; therefore I am connected to the Earth and the entire universe at all times, in life and in death. The combination of my oracle deck reminding me that perspective is a choice and my tarot guiding me to practice gratitude is so fitting. I also feel that these lessons are a good basis for each month. That as I encounter new struggles or sources of joy, I should maintain my focus on releasing fears and allow myself a fresh perspective. My coming year is interesting, but thankfully not like 2020. Six of the thirteen cards in my Wheel were of the Pentacles suit. Pentacles is related to the Earth signs - Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn - and as such is focused on physical or outer health, finances, creativity, and work, as well as self-esteem and ego. Drawing six of them tells me this is going to be my major focus for the year, which feels appropriate; last year was a very heavy focus on the suit of Swords, and dealt with a lot of internal health. Now that I'm mentally and emotionally stable, it seems fitting to draw my attention to external wellness. Notably, I drew the Knight of Pentacles for March and the King of Pentacles for September, which indicates a short-term journey related to these concepts being started and completed between those months. Four of my cards were in the suit of Cups. The Cups are of feminine energy and are related to the Water signs - Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. The Cups focus on the emotional level of consciousness; an intersection of thought and feeling. Having drawn four of them tells me that a secondary focus of my year will be on continuing my emotional wellness. I drew the Queen of Cups for April and the King of Cups in June, which indicates a short-term journey being completed between those months. As I spent a significant portion of 2020 focused on the beginning of my mental and emotional healing journey, I'm looking forward to the feeling of completion or resolution. I drew two Major Arcana cards, which indicate larger lessons than the minor arcana cards. I drew these in August and October, which I find interesting. According to my Cups and Pentacles cards, I'll be completing an emotional journey in June and will then learn a big lesson in August, followed by completing an external health/financial/creativity/work/ego journey in September, and will then bookend that with another big lesson in October. This could be some whiplash, or this could be some seriously satisfying culmination of the hard work I've put in. Time will tell! Last to mention is the single Wands card I drew, and the fact that I drew absolutely zero Swords. After drawing so many of them last year, I'm honestly relieved to see I've been spared the blade this go-round. The suit of Wands is related to the Fire signs - Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius - and is focused on original thought, spirit, ambition, and expansion. This suit indicates the planting of seeds from which life springs from. I drew the Knight, which indicates the beginning stages of a journey within this context. Notably, I drew this Knight of Wands for the month of January, which tells me I'll be beginning this year and beginning a new journey simultaneously. Some of the consistent themes that my Wheel brought up included: -the importance of gratitude

-reminders to remain adhered to my plans

-reminders to take respites

-reminders to relax my own rules occasionally

-the importance of communication

-release of fears


-reaching out to my support system These themes of thankfulness, focusing on my blessings, and maintaining perspective when faced with internal or external conflict are really strong this year. I also appreciate seeing a nearly equal weight given to maintaining restfulness and being proactive in my goals - taking the lessons I learned in 2020 and moving forward with purpose into 2021.

I tend to feel as though I must complete a goal immediately, with zero breaks, or else I'm a flake and irresponsible and a slew of other negative things. Something I learned in 2020 is that I can take my time and still be an accomplisher. My ADHD sometimes means out of sight, out of mind; sometimes my breaks are longer than intended, or my deep interest gets focused on something else for a while. But coming back to a thing and finishing it later doesn't make me inconsistent. It makes me more reliable.

With the workarounds I've been building into my life, I'm getting better at returning to things in a more evenly-spaced Round Robin sort of way. Crochet a little here, bullet journal there, watch a single movie, sketch a painting idea, write a paragraph. Circle around. My week gets filled with things I care about and am passionate about doing, but isn't ever dominated by a hyperfocus du jour. Er, amend that - is less often dominated by a hyperfocus. I'm still distractible by shiny new ideas or suddenly-interesting half-done projects, and sometimes I do spend three hours on a thing when I'd meant to spend thirty minutes. However - things get done. Eventually. I'll take it. :) I'll be spending some time reflecting on ways I can incorporate my 2021 messages from my tarot into my regular life. Perhaps some sort of gratitude practice will be beneficial for me. I tend not to stick to the written gratitude logs in my journal - every tracker that goes longer than a week is left to rot in there. So I might do some research and adapt something I find to better fit my personality and established habits. I think I'll also find some quotes about perspective and gratitude, which I can then include in my journal and maybe add to a vision board, which is a project I've been sketching up the ideas for the last few days.

If you've got ideas, feel free to add them below. I'll leave you with another song I love - Happy Accidents by Saint Motel. One of the ways I already practice perspective is to reflect on how meeting other people at certain times has shaped my life over time, and this song sums up a lot of those feelings for me. That things could have wound up differently, but they didn't. I had you, or I have you, and happiness ever follows. Everything is just an accident - a Happy Accident. xo, Cate

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